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Group Etiquette:

Tell your Truth – as much as you are ready for.

Take Risks without doing harm.

Pay Attention to Your Body.  Breath, focus on your internal processes.

Express Your Feelings – the source of infinite information

Take Personal Responsibility.  Own your own thoughts, words, actions …

Make “I” Statements.  Rather than “We” statements.

Avoid Globalism:  We all think, feel, do such and such

Speak Directly to the person in the group you are referring to.

Stay in the Here-and Now.  Learn to follow and facilitate group process.

Avoid fixing others.  This is not therapy but support in self-exploration.

Speak in turn – be concise – avoid stories

When we’re not speaking we are committed to being present.

Each participant is responsible for the meaningfulness of the sharing.


Phone# 1-712-432-3066, Code 174014

First eleven callers will have the option of being participants in an inter-active sharing group.

Up to one thousand individuals can participate passively.

Please give first name when sharing.

If you wish to temporarily mute yourself press 4*

To un-mute yourself press 4* again

If you are muted and wish to participate press 5* to be un-muted – end of session where possible.

Disable call waiting.

Avoid background noise.  Use land-lines whenever possible.

Sessions are recorded and archived for review by everyone.

Light meditation candle. Click Here For a Virtual Candle (YouTube Link)

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