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Wednesdays 6 – 7:30 PM Mountain Standard Time

Mission Statement: 

As a culture we demand truth in our cars, bridges, and homes – but not in ourselves. In fact as a culture much is done to confuse our sense of self. In a world that supports what you think and do over who and what you are, how do you stop trying to become and simply be?  Read more

Sharing Group Description

Leadership flows to whoever is sharing at the time.
The structure is non-structured.  Topics of meaning to any individual can be brought forth at any point and explored.

The agenda is no agenda – no goals, dogmas, beliefs – other than support in being.

All parties have an equal voice.

All parties are supported in whatever is meaningful.

All parties are supported in being their authentic self.

The host/group supports intimate sharing and the unnerving quiet periods that allow what is fragile to formulate.

No counseling, confrontation, advice, therapeutic or spiritual practice.

No requirement for regular attendance.  Participants are encouraged to attend as they feel the desire to share, connect, reflect….

Once sharing is in process, the host’s only responsibility is the closing.

Identities and discussions are confidential.

Members who shatter the consciousness, exploit the vulnerabilities of others, or dominate discussions may be asked by the group to leave.

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