Over the past five years I have experienced major midlife transitions. During that time I sought clarity from therapists and family members, only to find myself more confused and hopeless. Fortunately, I found an unconditional friend in David. His understanding of my emotional growth process has been invaluable. David has been there for me when no others could or would. His felt presence (even by phone), insight and patience have come without judgment or attempt to “fix” me.  David’s therapeutic processes have allowed my own unique process to unfold on its own. He has provided me with a space of safety that has allowed my own awareness to awaken into what feels true and real for me. I would recommend working with David to someone who feels called to challenge and understand the deeper layers of their being. David’s own conscious awareness has held the safe space for me to do that for myself.  


”I have known Dr. Hoefer for many years and find him masterful at dispelling psychological illusions which hamper freedom of human function through greater and greater mental clarity.”

Love, Marlene

David Hoefer has helped me numerous times in a multitude of ways, primary by showing me how to help myself.  Dave’s practical and realistic approach to problem solving cuts to the chase.  By confronting and dealing with his own issues Dave has acquired the ability to guide others through the most difficult of circumstances. I trust him completely. 

Sincerely, Kevin Holiday

David Hoefer has helped me focus on things that can easily trip me up—negative events, painful emotions and disappointments, seeing them in an entirely new light that has helped me approach the future as a better and more secure person.  Dr. James

“My conversations with David are thought-provoking and affirming. David approaches spiritual debate with a curiosity and an ability to articulate what has worked for him. He holds the space for our mutual sharing. He speaks to staying with one’s present experience, allowing hidden drives and emotions to be expressed, release and naturally fall away, David’s wisdom is real, and his message is a part of our world’s spiritual blossoming.”

And I mean it!

Yours, Susan

David’s insights about the nature of consciousness and the dynamics that are occurring has opened me up to a softer non judgemental healing process. David brings awareness and clarity that often elludes our consciousness understanding.

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