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Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Terry 12/29

The guest professor felt like women's equality has been achieved better in the workplace than in the home, that we all fall into gender roles at home without thinking.

DL Hoefer

It seems all conditioning is a great conundrum. You have to impartially observe yourself performing a conditioned response to gain awareness of its triggers – it's difficult because you have become the conditioned response you are reacting against, and you are the triggers for this conditioned response in others – all indistinguishable from the social dynamic you arose out of – so how do you find a place to stand where you can look at it all impartially?

The place to stand has to be a new place that has not yet been conditioned – arising from this moment of being. This new place comes from being as truthful with yourself and others as you know to be. If you are not truthful, you are simply reinforcing old precepts. Being truthful creates an evolving contradiction between what has existed previously and your arising self.

The only way awareness will gain a foothold - or any social change for that matter, is for each of us to realize that we have no choice but to be truthful with ourselves and each other to have any sense of who we are, and what we are about – or even to have the experience of this very moment in which we live.

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