Mission Statement

As a culture we demand truth in our cars, bridges, and homes – but not in ourselves. In fact as a culture much is done to confuse our sense of self. In a world that supports what you think and do over who and what you are, how do you stop trying to become and simply be?


Perhaps not too surprisingly, allowing what you are to show you who you are requires a great deal of courage. There are many qualities about ourselves that we don’t particularly like. But by simply allowing yourself to be with what you are – what you are begins to change. Interesting isn’t it, how allowing the truth of yourself, changes you of its own accord. You take on the qualities of truthfulness: Seeing clarity and love arising from within you is an exhilarating experience – seeing that this is who you are is knowing your personal value. Being able to “be” in the moment is to at last live. You can never go back – nor would you want to – and the world to a degree changes with you.


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